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Often the needs of professionals are unique with specific challenges, and the need for discrete confidential professional consultation is extremely important.  

Are you a health care professional that has been on the front line of the Coronavirus?

Do you need someone to help

you get centered?

Are you a professional who works in a fast paced environment and have neglected yourself?

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed with the demands of your work?

Are you looking for ways to take care of yourself from the inside out?  

If so, you’ve come to the right place. I want to listen to you; I want to help you; I want to support and encourage you.

Dr. Melody Moore's Locations

Houston Office: P| 832-264-4454 

New Mexico Office: P| 832-264-4454

Clinical Psychologist, Certified Hypnotherapist

Over 30 Years of Experience

Insurance Accepted + Out of Network

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